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An office renovation project with a new exterior and an improved interior can have a significant impact on the appearance and functionality of a workspace. By upgrading the building with new roofs and siding, the office can enhance the building’s durability and and reduce maintenance costs. We were looking for a sustainable exterior that improves insulation and protects against water damage.  Inside the office, the renovation can include upgrades such as new flooring, lighting, and walls, which can increase productivity and comfort for workers. We wanted a modernized interior to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the office, creating a more professional and welcoming environment for clients and employees.


  • We demolished the garage and deck off of the warehouse, and then installed a brand new driveway and sidewalk
  • The roof was replaced by us with a new metal one
  • We installed the siding on entire warehouse
  • We renovated the gym area and the windows in the warehouse
  • The original steps were torn down and we replaced them with new ones
  • Our team renovated both areas of the office
  • We also renovated both apartments
  • We installed a new roof on the shop
  • A new boiler was added to the second floor, and we also installed a new furnace for both offices

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Gateway HQ


Our goal of this construction project was to create a durable, functional, and modernized office building for our workers. This project on Gateway HQ was somewhat a personal venture; however, it showcases a few of our many services:

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